Meet the creators

…in person, at Salon de Montréal 2019



Alexandre Beauregard


At the age of 17, Alexandre began creating atypical watches with a friend in his father's garage. As he goes along, he develops his ideas, multiplying sketches and essays, inventing and reinventing the object, learning and perfecting his craft so that his passion becomes reality.

Twenty years later, he founded BEAUREGARD SA in Geneva, reinterpreting the traditional idea of a jewelry watch, and combining watchmaking and jewelry in a new way. Distinctive, contemporary and undeniably precious, Beauregard watches are recognizable among all.

He is a finalist at Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) 2018 and recipient of the European Product Design Award 2019.

Beauregard will present in world premiere at the Salon de Montreal its new collection: Lili, of watches for ladies.



Rafael Simoes Miranda


Experienced designer for over 15 years, professor of design in Milano and founder of the independent watch brand DWISS, Rafael Simoes Miranda has won seven international awards for his watchmaking creations, including Red Dot Design, one of the most prestigious in the world. field of design.

He had in his portfolio the design of a hundred watches for more than 15 different brands, before launching his own brand Dwiss in Switzerland in 2011.

For the first time in Montreal, in addition to presenting his superb collections of watches, Rafael will announce the creation and launch a watch design club for fans and collectors of watches from around the world.



Lionel Bruneau


A great watch lover, this Parisian video-maker chose to go to the other side of the mirror and reconvert himself by creating his watch brand.

He opted for a 100% Swiss production of high quality. Cases, dials, hands, movements, but also sapphire glasses, hand-stitched bracelets, buckles, to the hardware, Ultramarine watches are entirely made in Switzerland.

To emphasize this characteristic, the "Morse" model features a proud "Fully worked in Switzerland" engraved on the back of the watch, summarized by the acronym I.O.E.S. on the dial.

Lionel Bruneau will present the Ultramarine Morse: "For this watch, I was inspired by the bridge chronometers used formerly in the navy. Pieces of which I appreciate the history, and the drawing ".

He will also present in Montreal the prototype of the next model Ultramarine, the Albatross.



Philippe Cros


Industrial engineer graduated from UQTR in Canada, Philippe began his watchmaking career at Vacheron Constantin in Geneva in 2002, then at Piaget in 2007, before being appointed managing director of Technomarine Asia in 2009 and moving to Hong Kong. In 2012, he founded his own company based in Asia with a subsidiary in Switzerland, providing support for the development and production of watch components and finished products.

He founded with Jorg Hysek Jr. and Lionel Ladoire (both with extensive experience in high-end watchmaking)
L & JR, brand created to bring people modern and sophisticated timepieces while remaining affordable. Philippe Cros, Jorg Hysek Jr. and Lionel Ladoire combine their experiences and skills to present these new creations.

A new approach to Swiss watchmaking, designed for today's world.



Sophy Rindler


Sophy Rindler's career is totally atypical. Psychologist by training, she worked in the medical field for several years, in Miami. Watchmaking came into his life in 2015 after visiting the Piaget factory in Switzerland. From then on, she was passionate about watchmaking, and mostly by the human aspect perceived during her visit to the Manufacture.

She created Watches Art Gallery, which was inaugurated in Geneva in January 2015, the same evening as the opening of the SIHH making an incredible buzz in the watchmaking city. Its connections and network have grown significantly over the years, naturally leading into the creation of its own brand. His partner and founder of the brand, Austin Ivey, used his marketing and networking skills to join in this project. Tockr was born in October 2017 and since then, lives an increasing success. Tockr is a brand with American DNA, and a Swiss manufacture, the director of operations of the brand, Serge Aebischer being based in Geneva.



José Cermeño


Montreal founder José Cermeño studied watchmaking in Switzerland at the École Technique de la Vallée de Joux.

Thanks to his technical knowledge, his experiences in the field of watchmaking and driven by his passion for this beautiful art, he creates his own independent brand.

He wants to help add Montreal, his hometown, to the map of world watchmaking references.

Actually, his first watches were finalized shortlt before the opening of the Salon de Montreal and will be unveiled in world premiere during this event.